Pastor A. F. Halford

         Pastor Halford has served as the Pastor of Faith Baptist Church since its beginning in June 1985. He received his degree from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. Pastor Halford and his wife, Susan, have two sons – Albert, Jr. and Lance. They also have four grandchildren. 


Pastor Halford is very concerned about your spiritual life. He is always available to pray for you and with you and give you spiritual guidance. He may be reached at 1-706-592-4370 (Church).


Testimony and Church History

         While attending a sign language class to be able to communicate with their hearing-impaired son at Lumpkin Road Baptist Church in Augusta, GA, Pastor Halford and his wife had a life-changing experience. They began to interact with Christians and realized their need for salvation and asked Jesus to come into their hearts and save them. They joined Temple Baptist church and soon the teacher of the sign language class encouraged Pastor Halford to begin teaching Sunday school and to get involved in other areas of the church.

In 1979, he answered the call to go to Baptist Bible College (Springfield, MO). After college he returned to Augusta as associate pastor of Temple Baptist Church. While there he felt the call to start a church in the Blythe area. In answering God's calling, Faith Baptist Church began on the first Sunday in June 1985, at the pool hall at 109 Clark St., Blythe, GA. The Charter for Membership was open for a six week period at which time 34 people signed the Charter and became the first members of Faith Baptist Church. As the membership began to grow, we asked GOD for property on which to place a church building. GOD led us to the five acres where we are now located. GOD blessed us by having this property paid off within one year. In September 1986, the church was able to purchase two army barracks. Money was borrowed for these to be remodeled so we could have a place of worship. The first worship service and dedication of the building, currently still in use, was held on March 1, 1987. Through GOD's blessings and the generous giving of the members of Faith Baptist Church, the money borrowed for the remodeling was paid in full on July 7, 1990.

As time progressed we saw the need for a home for a Youth Pastor. We began praying about this and through GOD's guidance in the fall of 2005 He directed us to a Mobile Home. Again, through GOD's blessings and the generous giving of church membership, this Mobile Home was placed on the church property debt free in the fall of 2005. By January 2006, this home was completely set up and ready for use.


Associate Pastor Brian O’Neal


Bro. O’Neal was born and raised in Lyons, Ga. He grew up under the ministry of Pastor Don Gibbs at Liberty Baptist Church. On April 7th 1990, at age 7, he trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and was baptized soon after. Later, in his early twenties, Bro. O’Neal got out of God’s will and left church. During that time, God had been working on his heart to get back in fellowship with Him. One day he was talking to a good friend who attended Liberty. The friend had convinced him to come back to church. He started attending Liberty again under the new and current pastor, Pastor Michael Plowman. He then started to lead the music and shortly after met his wife Lacey. They got married in 2008 and began teaching the 4&5 year old Sunday school class. In 2014, he believed God was calling him to preach. That same year he began to lead Children’s Church along with Lacey and two other workers. In late 2019, God opened a door and called him and his family to move to Blythe, GA to serve at Faith Baptist Church as Associate Pastor under Pastor Halford.



 Associate Pastor O’Neal has served at Faith Baptist Church Since January 1st 2020. He is over the music program and assists Pastor Halford in daily church activities. He is also involved in other ministries in the Church. He is currently attending the School of the Bible through Crown College at Liberty Baptist Church.  On November 15, 2020, Associate Pastor O'Neal was ordained into the Gospel Ministry at Liberty Baptist Church in Lyons, GA.  Associate Pastor, O’Neal and his wife, Lacey, have four children – Katie, Noah, Leah, and Luke. 



 Associate Pastor O'Neal has a desire to see the area reached with the Gospel of Christ, sould saved, and to see Faith Baptist Church grow.



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