Pastor A. F. Halford


-Pastor Halford has served as the Pastor of Faith Baptist Church since its beginning in June 1985. He received his degree from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. Pastor Halford and his wife, Susan, have two sons – Albert, Jr. and Lance. They also have four grandchildren. 

Pastor Halford is very concerned about your spiritual life. He is always available to pray for you and with you and give you spiritual guidance. He may be reached at 1-706-592-4370 (Church).




Testimony and Church History




 -While attending a sign language class at Lumpkin Road Baptist Church in Augusta, GA, Pastor Halford and his wife had a life-changing experience. They were attending this class to be able to communicate with their hearing-impaired son. While attending this class, they began to interact with Christians and were saved. The teacher of this class attended Temple Baptist Church and encouraged Pastor Halford to begin teaching Sunday School and to get involved in other areas of the church work. In 1979, he answered the call to go to Baptist Bible College (Springfield, MO). After college he returned to Augusta as associate pastor of Temple Baptist Church. While there he felt the call to start a church in the Blythe area. In answering God's calling, Faith Baptist Church began on the first Sunday in June 1985, at the pool hall at 109 Clark St., Blythe, GA. The Charter for Membership was open for a six week period at which time 34 people signed the Charter and became the first members of Faith Baptist Church. As the membership began to grow, we asked GOD for and searched for property on which to place a church building. GOD led us to the five acres where we are now located. GOD blessed us by having this property paid off within one year. In September 1986, the church was able to purchase two army barracks. Money was borrowed for these to be remodeled so we could have a place of worship. The first worship service and dedication of the building, currently still in use, was held on March 1, 1987. Though GOD's blessings and the generous giving of the members of Faith Baptist Church, the money borrowed for the remodeling was paid in full on July 7, 1990.

-As time progressed we saw the need for a home for a Youth Pastor. We began praying about this and through GOD's guidance in the fall of 2005 He directed us to a Mobile Home. Again, through GOD's blessings and the generous giving of church membership, this Mobile Home was placed on the church property debt free in the fall of 2005. By January 2006, this home was completely set up and ready for use.


Associate Pastor Jedidiah A. Scott



-Associate Pastor Scott has served at Faith Baptist Church since September 1st, 2015. Here he is over the teen department, choir, and music. A.P. Scott teaches the teen class on Sunday mornings, heads up choir practice Sunday evenings, and is over the Wednesday evening kids club(Wednesdays @ 6:00 p.m.). The youth of Faith Baptist Church try to go on outings every other month to encourage Godly Christian fellowship among peers, as well as getting a dose of God's Word. A.P. Scott graduated from Berean Baptist College (Glen St. Marys, FL) May 20th, 2016. A.P. Scott and his wife, Rachel, have four boys – Titus, Luke, Asher, and Silas. 

-A.P. Scott has a desire to see the youth of the Blythe area reached with the Gospel, but also that the entire family would be saved and involved in the Lord's work of the church.






-At the age of 19 A.P. Scott starting dating Rachel Wasdin(now Scott). Upon starting this relationship, one of the requirements was attending church with her. For five months A.P. Scott sat under Gospel preaching of Pastor Mike Landrum at Bible Baptist Church in Brunswick, GA. One evening A.P. Scott tried sleeping off his conviction like he had done so many times before, but this time he could not sleep. After a long night he decided he need to talk with Pastor Landrum. That day, November 10th, 2003, A.P. Scott accepted Christ into his heart as personal Lord and Savior. He became a new creature that he had heard so much convicting preaching about. After salvation, A.P. Scott took the Spiritual Gifts class taught by Pastor Landrum at Bible Baptist Church. From this he found that his two major gifts was Pastor and teacher. A.P. Scott then got plugged in teaching a 3rd & 4th Grade boys Sunday School class and also preaching in Junior Church. He did this for 7 years until he answered the call on his life to go to Bible College. The first two years of Bible College he attended at Victory Baptist College in North Augusta, S.C. After some direction from his Pastor, A.P. Scott transferred down to Berean Baptist College in Glen St. Marys, FL where he has received his Bachelors degree. His senior year of college A.P. Scott came in contact with Pastor Halford through a mutual friend. From there Pastor Halford had A.P. Scott pray about coming to Faith Baptist Church as the Associate Pastor. A.P. Scott sought council and prayed over the matter, as well as Pastor Halford and the members of Faith Baptist Church, and God opened the door on September 1st, 2015.






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